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19 Mar, By ArchiPro

The best engineered timber flooring will last the lifetime of any project, and it will outdo most commonly used flooring products in regards to acoustic performance, thermal capacity and stability.

Choosing the best product starts with the raw materials and understanding the value of ensuring the finished engineered planks are manufactured with the right timber.

“The internal core of engineered timber flooring is vital to its performance,” HARO Flooring New Zealand’s Graeme Rodwell says. “It is one of the key elements of high-performing flooring because it gives the planks their strength and various other attributes including thermal conductivity that aren’t commonly found in other products on the market.”

Haro flooring is designed and made in Germany using European timbers. The core of the flooring is manufactured with a slow-growing Swedish spruce, which is grown in a cold climate. “This gives the spruce its very dense makeup, which in turn allows it to outperform particle boards, which are commonly used in the core of engineered flooring,” Graeme says.

“Because of the materials Haro flooring is made with, it is fully warranted for underfloor heating, something which a lot of other engineered timber flooring in New Zealand isn’t.”

Durability and longevity is something Kiwi consumers are starting to look for more in flooring, and according to Graeme, the market is changing to a place where people are willing to pay for the best products knowing that their investment will last.

“One of the benefits of the German precision manufacturing technology is the way the system was designed to lock together on all four sides of the plank,” Graeme says. “Where traditional timber flooring is tongue and groove and prone to cupping and splitting over time, this technology means that when the flooring contracts and expands in different temperatures and levels of moisture, it doesn’t separate or split because it has added strength being locked together on four sides of each plank.”

The HARO range is extensive, with around 500 different types of flooring available, as well as the ability to work with the New Zealand team to design bespoke solutions for both residential and commercial settings.

“We are finding New Zealanders want to have access to choice, whether that is in the grading of the timber, the finish or the colour.”

At the moment, the most popular styles are natural Oak, with knots visible and an oil finish, Graeme says.

HARO Flooring New Zealand works closely with architects and designers to create whatever design is required, and has a team of qualified installers operating throughout the country.

Get in touch with HARO Flooring New Zealand on ArchiPro here for some inspiration about what’s possible with the latest engineered timber flooring.

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