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Founded in 1866, the Hamberger family business is the leading parquet manufacturer in Germany with its HARO parquet brand, thanks to a unique range of products, more than 60 years’ experience in the production of parquet and a commitment to the Made in Germany principle as the location for its production.

Rosenheim – HARO Parquet – Always the right choice.

Sustainable and healthy living comfort is increasingly becoming a real mega trend. Just as significant is the demand for premium parquet floors, which guarantee a maximum of comfort and natural radiance. Unique in terms of its scope, the HARO product range leaves nothing to be desired in this regard and impresses customers who do not want to compromise when it comes to living. Beautiful, exquisite parquet woods produced sustainably in Germany and engineered to absolute perfection in every respect: that’s what makes HARO parquet so unique.


Ultimate quality with two or three layers

HARO has always aspired to offer a product range with premium parquet floors that fulfil every desired quality standard and purpose. With this in mind and as a pioneer in the area of engineered parquet, HARO developed multi-layer parquet constructed in two or three layers, which frees the wood of its natural deforming force. The layer construction of HARO parquet ensures that the natural forces a wooden floor retains even after it is installed cancel each other out, allowing the floor to keep its shape and leaving the surface level and free of joints or cracks.

Beneath the exquisite top layer, the multi-layer construction made of spruce wood strips or HDF coreboards as a middle layer ensure that HARO parquet continues to give pleasure for years and stays in shape in every respect.

Despite the impressive diversity: The perfect way to dream parquet

A parquet floor is not only characterised by the wood species, which gives it its natural appearance. The impact of the real wood floor within the four walls of home depends equally on the chosen design. A classic Longstrip, for example, exudes greater vibrancy than a Plank 1-Strip in a large format. In contrast, the room-enlarging format of the Plank 1-Strip Plaza in a board size of 240 x 2200 mm radiates an incredible sense of calm and creates a more generous impression of space. A HARO strip parquet floor in the classic herringbone installation type is likewise full on trend – the HARO parquet range includes the ideal parquet for every room size and every interior style.

The grading likewise determines the aesthetic impact of a parquet floor. The HARO product range includes clearly distinguishable grades for every design – from deliberately calm play of colours with minimal knot effect to intensely rustic and exceptionally vibrant wood appearance. What’s more: HARO top layers are still graded by hand and eye. This type of grading is superior to all forms of grading using machines – an excellent mark of quality just like a good wine.

Lively brushing and the most innovative finish on the market

An equally significant aspect for the overall impression of parquet is the surface. Brushed surfaces are particularly in fashion at present – they emphasise the natural radiance of the respective wood species in an especially intensive way. Completely new surface treatments have also been developed to suit the surface textures such as “brushed”, “heavy brushed”, “retro” or even “retro 3D” with especially vibrant sense of touch. The most notable example in this regard is the innovative “naturaDur”, a surface finish that gives the visual appearance of an oiled surface, but offers the same protective effect as a sealed finish.

HARO Parquet Puro – Pure nature for an intensive wood experience

HARO has succeeded with the Puro collection in combining colour trends and nature at its purest in a truly exceptional collection. Thanks to the application of natural oil paints, the oak boards or longstrips in this collection are incredibly expressive and therefore adapt themes from nature. Brown tones are reminiscent of a natural forest floor, grey tones symbolise rock and stone, while the trend colour “greige” plays with the colours of sand. The expressive grades of the PURO parquet floors intensify the colour impression. Oak Markant and Oak Sauvage create a lively impact in the Plank 1-Strip design, while the Oak Trend grade lends the Puro Longstrips with brushed surface a more intensely authentic appearance.

The top tier when it comes to parquet – Parkettmanufaktur by HARO

Time-honoured craftsmanship, traditional production methods and the most precious woods available on the market – these ingredients blend together in parkettmanufaktur by HARO to create parquet floors that meet especially discerning standards. The select wood species are processed individually to suit specific customer requirements. Solid coloured top layers or roughly sawn surfaces finished, for example, by hand scraping using a plane or manual brushing using a brush transform an exclusive parkettmanufaktur parquet into an experience for all senses.

A parquet is much more than a beautiful, select floor covering

When customers decide in favour of parquet from HARO, they are opting for a proven overall concept from the outset. In addition to in-depth consulting in terms of the preferred top layer, all of the aspects already mentioned above are of course highlighted professionally at the HARO specialist dealer so that customers are guided reliably to their dream parquet floor.

Whatever choice the customer makes, it goes without saying that there is a perfect range of matching accessories to suit every individual parquet floor. Skirtings, transition mouldings, stair nosings or the right insulation underlay are available in an equally impressive variety as the exquisite parquets. What’s more: HARO parquet also comes in the HARO Wall installation concept for wall design too.

Trust in 150 years of experience and real passion for wood

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to producing HARO parquet floors. Satisfied customers the world over decide again and again for this added quality that makes HARO parquet floors so unique. Apart from the certainty offered by system-tested accessories, this includes the excellent surfaces, TOP Connect – probably the easiest installation system in the world –, the clean&green range of care products for gentle protection and long-lasting beauty of the parquet surface as well as the new era of parquet floor presentation online at www.haro.com as well as offline at select dealers in the HARO Studios.

Regardless of the path taken to the dream HARO parquet, choosing HARO means opting for a genuinely natural product with a commitment to quality Made in Germany, which will continue to guarantee years of living comfort at the highest standard.

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