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Insulation Underlay

Discover top-tier insulation underlay solutions with a focus on exceptional indoor and footfall sound insulation.

Our leading product, HARO Silent ECO DS acoustic underlay, stands out as a premium choice, crafted from natural raw materials and featuring an integrated moisture barrier. Benefit from outstanding sound reduction properties while effectively addressing minor subfloor irregularities. Elevate your space with eco-friendly underlay, ideal for setups including underfloor heating. Experience enhanced acoustic performance and environmental sustainability.

Silent Eco DS

Eco acoustic mat with moisture protection

High-quality acoustic mat with excellent footfall and room sound properties; material based on vegetable oils with mineral fillers and integrated vapour barrier. The permanently flexible insulation underlay offers added walking comfort and reduces the impact on body joints and spine. Suitable also for installation over underfloor heating.


Material thickness: approx. 2 mm
Footfall sound improvement: 18 db
Room sound improvement: 27%
Weight: 1.7 kg/m²

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