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In the World of Home Design 2024

In the world of home design, 2024 appears poised to embrace individual expression, comfort, and eco-conscious luxury. Read below as we look at the offering forecasts and creative ideas for the future of home aesthetics. Collaborating with the HARO Germany Design team, HARO New Zealand, we share insights into the expected design landscape for the upcoming year.

2024’s Design Trends

As we step into 2024, a noticeable shift toward more personalized and expressive interiors emerges. These trends focus on spaces that not only look outstanding but also promote comfort and well-being through natural materiality. Let’s explore these exciting directions, from immersive colour schemes to mood-enhancing decor choices.

Immersive Colour Schemes

Breaking away from tradition, immersive colour schemes are gaining traction. This trend celebrates bold, monochromatic approaches by using vibrant colours to unify a room’s appearance from floor to ceiling. This daring style injects vitality into spaces, and our Plank and herringbone flooring seamlessly complement such vibrant settings.

Lightened Wood Flooring

Lighter, limewashed wood flooring takes the spotlight in 2024, promoting serene and luminous spaces. Opting for paler wood tones creates an ambiance of openness and brightness. Our Oak Light White, Oak Puro White, and Oak Sand Grey, with their generous planks, perfectly embody this light-infused design philosophy.


Personal Haven ConceptsThe upcoming year embraces the idea of creating personal havens within homes—areas dedicated to tranquillity and introspection. This could manifest as a meditation corner or a home enveloped in a calm, restful aesthetic. Achieving this involves incorporating elements from nature, cozy textiles, and luxurious materials. The use of Oak Invisible on walls and ceilings can contribute to this Nordic calm.

Tactile Comfort2024 welcomes an era where the tactile experience of a home is as crucial as its appearance. Soft textures and inviting patterns, like those found in our herringbone/chevron wood flooring, play a pivotal role in creating inviting and comfortable living spaces.Euphoric DesignEuphoric design, aiming to uplift spirits, is a forward-thinking trend. This involves incorporating features—from cheerful colours to bespoke art pieces and comforting soft furnishings—that collectively evoke joy.

Engineered Timber Flooring

2024 Colour Inspirations

The anticipated colours to influence spaces in 2024 include strong and vibrant colours that beautifully complement the HARO flooring range. From earthy tones to historical inspirations like tradition oak, these hues seamlessly blend into modern homes.

Embracing Your Style in 2024As these trends unfold, we encourage you to integrate them into your space. Explore our curated collection of high-quality, sustainable wood floors at HARO Flooring. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability ensures you find the perfect match for your 2024 home interior.This shift toward personalized, comfortable, and environmentally conscious design promises an exciting and fulfilling year ahead for home aesthetics.

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