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Impressive Board Formats

Just as every room has its own unique character, every person has individual tastes and needs. So it’s great that HARO Laminate Floor offers two different board formats that make every interior design dream come true.


The trendy one. The format of the Campus boards is a fascinating combination of the generous 243 mm width and the classic 1282 mm Plank 1-Strip length. The bevelled edge on all four sides creates a striking texture.

laminate flooring campus

Board dimensions: 8 x 243 x 1282 mm 

Plank 1-Strip

The classic one. Particularly popular because of its spacious visual impact. The Plank 1-Strip offers perceptible spaciousness for a host of different room situations. Even small rooms can appear really spacious.

laminate flooring plank 1-strip

Board dimensions: 8 x 193 x 1282 mm

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