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Floor Care Made Simple


Rosenheim – Tedious cleaning and polishing is a thing of the past. HARO’s “4-for-all” clean & green floor-care series offers the right the solution for every floor type: active intensive cleaner, natural timber cleaner, aqua shield and aqua oil intensive-care products for timber flooring take the hard work out of keeping floors properly cleaned and cared for. 

Proper floor care means floors retain their intrinsic value and all potential warranty-claim requirements are fulfilled. Germany’s leading timber floor manufacturer HARO makes floor care simple, efficient and easy with the clean & green floor-care series. HARO’s “4-for-all” principle harnesses decades of experience with timber, laminate and DISANO designer flooring, creating specially formulated products to meet all flooring needs.

The active intensive cleaner

The active intensive cleaner is the ideal solution for all hard-surface floors. It is suitable for thorough cleaning of natural flooring (timber) and regular cleaning of designer, laminate, PVC and rubber floors, as well as glazed and non-glazed non-porous ceramic tiles. How often floors need cleaning will depend on footfall and how dirty the floor is. Heel streaks or grease stains are removed effortlessly with clean & green. All it takes is diluting 1/2 a capful in 5 litres of cold water, dipping the mop head in the cleaning solution, wringing it out well and wiping surface with the damp mop.

The natural timber cleaner

The natural timber cleaner is tailor-made for cleaning and maintaining all timber and natural wooden floors on a regular basis. It can also be used on cork, linoleum, Celenio wooden tiles, as well as porous terracotta stone flooring, slate, granite and marble. Half a capful diluted in 5 litres of water is enough to leave the floor spotless. The surface sheen can be restored by polishing the floor with a soft cloth after cleaning.

clean & green active or natural soap is best applied with HARO’s flat-head floor cleaner.

Aqua oil timber care

Aqua oil timber care is an enriching beauty treatment for all oiled surfaces. Treating floors with aqua oil is not only easier and quicker; it is also cheaper because there’s no need for a polishing machine. Prior to oiling, the floor should be cleaned properly so that it is dust free, (preferably with clean & green active). Give the aqua oil a good shake and pour it into a suitable bucket. Apply the undiluted aqua oil in the same direction as the wood grain and wipe with uniform overlapping strokes. After only 2 hours the floor will be as good as new and can be used right away. Aqua oil is a natural oil based on raw materials such as linseed oil and is 100% free of solvents.

Aqua shield floor care

New: Revitalising therapy for sealed and coated floors: clean & green aqua shield puts the glow back into sealed timber flooring and coated floor surfaces such as laminate and designer floors. Signs of wear and tear and small scratches can be eliminated by treating the floor with aqua shield. Clean & green aqua gives the floor a new brilliance, makes it more robust and protects the surface from damaging moisture.


Natural floor care

clean & green is an all-round winner: it’s easy to use, kind to the environment and a little goes a long way. One bottle contains 40 cleansing treatments! The clean & green care series is not only suitable for HARO floors; it benefits all hard floors. All clean & green products are certified with the EU Ecolabel Euro flower 2, guaranteeing that they are environmentally friendly and minimize health risks. Detailed cleaning and care instructions can be found in HARO’s new cleaning guide at this link or the HARO YouTube channel.

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