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A house becomes a home when it makes you really feel at home. This is why people pay increased attention to furnishing their home as natural and healthy as possible. Because your own home should be a healthy and pleasant place of retreat in the hectic and digital world of today. This explains why the focus is turning towards hand-picked natural materials, such as a natural oiled wood floor, for living that feels and looks pleasant. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from allergies, as house dust mites and the like have no chance.

But not all wooden floors are the same. What is currently trendy is Plank 1-Strip with a continuous top layer for sophisticated and spacious rooms. Longstrip planks create a lively and modern ambience. Here, several panels create the top layer. Strip parquet is the classic, which is, for example, known with a herringbone installation from flats in old buildings in Berlin.

Those who appreciate the properties but not the look of wood can choose a very special kind of wood floor: Celenio in tile format with the look of stone and slate.

But the focus should not only be on natural floors but also on natural wall paint, because colours can vary – their opacity is one criteria, their ingredients another. By now, the focus is on old formulas for natural paint, which is increasingly put into use in new buildings. Apart from that, these ecological paints also differ from conventional paint by their odour.

Clay paint, for example, can breathe, is odour-absorbing, anti-static and can regulate humidity, thanks to its building biology and economically friendly properties. Together with a wood floor, clay paint creates a soothing and balanced room climate which effects skin and breathing in a pleasant way.

In addition, it is worth addressing the ingredients of the care products for natural wood floors or furniture. Combination with natural oil surfaces, special cleaning products are recommended.

In general, it is worth looking precisely for an environmentally friendly test label, such as the Euroblume. Those who want to live in an healthy environment should also pay attention to the right room climate: A room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius makes you feel really nice and comfortable in your own four walls.

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