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Water Resistant Floor Covering

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Greater Freedom of Choice – Thanks to Water Resistant Floor Coverings

Because corridors, bathrooms and kitchens need a durable and water-repellent floor covering, many people believe this completely eliminates parquet and laminate floors from the range of candidates. Fortunately, such notions are completely outdated! Nowadays, we can have the floor covering we like best; provided we choose the right product.

Autumn and winter are particularly challenging seasons for floor coverings, with kids wearing their muddy boots into the house and the dog leaving a trail of wet paw prints right into the living room. In times past, water puddles on wooden floors could cause the boards to warp unless swiftly removed. And this was the reason most people opted for a tiled floor in wet rooms, even when they would have really preferred something else.

Dream floors with moisture protection

With modern designs, laminate and parquet floors can allow customers to leave such concerns behind them. Customers can choose the flooring they’ve always dreamed of; even when it’s a wooden floor for the bathroom. There’s a suitable – and waterproof – floor for every taste.

Design floor for wet rooms

When it comes to water-resistant properties, any type of flooring faces its biggest test in the bathroom. Although these conditions present no problems for a waterproof vinyl design floor, you need to avoid products that contain harmful substances such as PVC and plasticisers! When you choose DISANO by HARO for your wet rooms, you can be sure you’re on the safe side. Thanks to innovative materials and manufacturing processes, this design floor boasts several water resistant variants. In addition to creating a healthy living environment, it is soft underfoot and extremely durable. Although it’s advisable to glue down this floor in bathrooms, in all other rooms (including the kitchen) the “floating” installation method can be used.

Parquet for bathrooms

Previously disregarded as a complete non-starter, many interior designers are now opting for stylish parquet flooring directly around the shower itself. A great choice is HARO Strip Parquet SPA in oak, an extremely hard wood with little tendency to swell or warp. When choosing this parquet flooring, it’s vital to get a professional installer to glue down the complete area to the subfloor and seal the perimeter with flexible joint filler. A special oil treatment protects the floor against moisture penetration without completely sealing the wood’s pores. All you then need to do is make sure you quickly wipe up any puddles and ventilate the room at regular intervals. So enabling your bathroom parquet flooring to give you many years of enjoyment.

Laminate flooring is now also water resistant

Modern laminate flooring boasts water resistant qualities as well. The Tritty 200 Aqua from HARO is a laminate floor that’s eminently suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Its specially sealed core board ensures excellent moisture-repellent properties. Even normally serious mishaps, such as spilling a whole bucket of water, are no problem for this laminate floor. Simply wipe up the water within 30 minutes of the accident and there will be no adverse effects. The additional benefits of this flooring; such as exceptional durability, a range of desirable styles and extremely easy installation; make it the perfect choice for any room.

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