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Spring is upon us and with it the latest interior styles. Inspired by the first rays of sunshine after a chilly winter, people are getting in the mood to give their homes a makeover. So what’s hot for spring 2017? Put simply: lots of green complemented by soft shapes and textures. Here’s how to achieve the look – plus some of the other interior design trends to look out for.

Trend 1: Green, blue and yellow

Pantone, best known for its international colour system, has declared ‚Greenery‚ to be the colour for 2017. It’s all about the reawakening of nature and new beginnings. In spring 2017, this vibrant green brings the feel-good factor into many areas of interior design. Rich blue and curry yellow are also on trend. So, spring is full of colour with greens, blues and yellows. Combined with light wood and classic grey they create an eye-catching spring ambience.

Trend 2: Comfortable, organic and soft

The second important trend this year is the re-emergence of organic shapes. Sofas, cushions and even tables and mirrors are all rounded. There aren’t many straight edges to be seen. And this really complements the natural look that is so popular, not to mention the comeback that house plants seem to be making. It’s all about nature becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. And what’s cosier than soft cushions, materials such as velvet, wool and felt, big carpets and a mountain of comfy blankets?

Trend 3: The bench is back

It’s comfy, versatile and now in fashion once more. The bench has made its way back into the home. Not just as part of the dining area but also in the hallway or even in the bedroom: it has a practical function as additional seating or just as somewhere to put things.

Trend 4: Opposites attract

Solid, warm wood and shiny filigree metal – combining these very different materials is an important trend this season. Equally successful is the combination of a cool concrete look with soft, fleecy materials. A play between textures is what we’re looking for. Minimalist Bauhaus furniture set against the backdrop of natural timber flooring is a great example of opposites working together in harmony. Alternatively, a velvety-soft sofa next to a side table with metal hairpin legs is the perfect combination of contrasting elements. And when it comes to metal, accessories made of copper, brass, gold and silver continue to keep interiors looking completely up-to-date. What’s new is that you see these materials together.

Trend 5: Cactus and pineapple

Wherever you look at the moment, you see cactuses. And it’s no wonder as these prickly works of art bring a touch of nature into the home whilst being almost maintenance-free. Even when they’re not real, cactuses seem to be winning over the worlds of fashion and interior design. Then, as a comical or kitsch element, there’s the pineapple. Already a firm favourite of interior designers in 2016, this spring every home needs a pineapple somewhere.

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