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Handcrafted Timber Flooring

The Fine Art of Parquet Craftsmanship



Those who strive constantly for the ultimate, who expect the most from themselves and give their all every day, they want to surround themselves with the finest materials. An exclusive floor from our parkettmanufaktur range offers the best possible quality for your home. Enjoy pure luxury underfoot. An individual, handcrafted premium floor made from carefully selected woods that appeals to all the senses.

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XL Boards
from the parkettmanufaktur by HARO range

Freedom, Spaciousness, Boundlessness –
The XL Planks.

Create a feeling of impressive spaciousness in your interiors. With a handcrafted parquet floor finished to perfection in extra-large size. Our XL boards of up to 4m in length made from exquisite woods make a statement in your home in terms of naturalness and spaciousness.

Plank 1-Strip XL

  • Available in a size of 3.03m x 245mm
    (optional lengths: 1.8m, 2m, 2.2m) and 4.03m x 245mm
  • 18mm Thick, 245mm Wide

Plank 1-Strip & PLAZA


  • 13.5mm Thick x 180mm Wide x 2200mm Long, for Plank 1-Strip
  • 13.5mm Thick x 240mm Wide x 2200mm Long, for Plank 1-Strip PLAZA

Individualisation from the parkettmanufaktur by HARO range.







Personalise your floor choosing the wood type, surface finish and more.

The Vintage Wood, Ancient Boards and Carré

Floors from the Parkettmanufaktur by HARO range

Tradition, Originality – Vintage Oak, Carré.


Create values that last for more than a lifetime. Experience the feeling of time by incorporating a piece of history in your home. With oak boards made from vintage wood planks that are up to 300 years old, which are both steeped in history and kind to the environment. With rustic Carré boards made from extra-hard cross-grain wood. Or with our ancient boards, whose unique character is created by such witnesses of time as cracks and inclusions.


  • Especially hard and durable cross-grain wood
  • Available in a size of 2.2m x 180mm with a top layer thickness of approx. 4.2mm
  • Suitable for use over underfloor heating and cooling
  • Modern, colour oil surfaces
  • 16mm Thick x 180mm Wide x 2200mm Long

Strip Parquet

from the parkettmanufaktur by HARO range

Strip Prestige

(herringbone installation)

Choose a floor covering that’s sure to attract attention in your home. A strip parquet from the parkettmanufaktur by HARO range offers you a variety of wonderful installation variants – including installation in the prestigious classic herringbone pattern in Strip Prestige. Your elegant parquet is guaranteed to be a show-stopper. And our individualisation options make your floor as unique and special as you are.


  • 10mm Thick x 120mm Wide x 1000mm Long
  • Varied individualisation options
  • 2-layer parquet with a low installation height of just 10mm
  • Top layer thickness of approx. 3.5mm
  • Ideal for renovations and for glue-down installation over underfloor heating and cooling
  • Countless installation patterns available, including herringbone (Strip Prestige)

Panel Parquet

from the parkettmanufaktur by HARO range

Parquet Tile


Parquet from the parkettmanufaktur by HARO range is already regarded as the jewel in the parquet crown. Would you like your high-quality parquet in the most practical variant? Then discover panel parquet for yourself. This luxury parquet was originally the preserve of stately homes and castles. Each individual panel is produced by hand to the highest level of craftsmanship. The panel parquet from our parkettmanufaktur workshop is synonymous with maximum individuality, majestic elegance and a touch of extravagance.

  • 18mm Thick x 650mm Wide x 650mm Long
  • 3-layer construction for glue-down installation
  • Approx. 3.5 mm thick top layer of choice precious wood
  • Backing board made of oak


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