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Property is the most popular investment for many people at the moment because it is seen as the safest. The strong demand is driving up prices. Anyone who still wants to fulfil their dream of owing their own apartment or house has to cut corners in one respect or another when moving in. In terms of new furniture: the old sofa will be just fine. In the kitchen: a model from the Swedish furniture store will suffice.

And when it comes to flooring, the common mantra is: let’s install an inexpensive laminate for the time being and we will be able to afford parquet, natural stone or a healthy living design floor then in a couple of years. While this approach works well and involves relatively little overhead in terms of furniture or the kitchen – remove old kitchen, install new kitchen, maybe change the tiled backsplash – it is a completely different story when it comes to flooring. All of the furniture has to be removed.

Then brute force is generally required to rip out the floor and dispose of it. Incidentally, old carpet tends to want to „stay close“ with the subfloor – thanks to adhesive. The subfloor then has to be sanded afterwards with the resulting dust going absolutely everywhere! Once this is done, the precious oak parquet planks one always dreamed of can finally be laid. To avoid all of this – both the work and the doubled cost for the floors – it would be better to invest in a good floor from the outset. A high-quality parquet floor will hold its value for 30 years or more when cared for properly.

Floors for all spaces

Floors have become almost high-tech products in recent years. The construction and surfaces are robust and make the floors easy to maintain. There is really no longer a „no-go area“ for any floor. Parquet is an all-rounder so to speak and can be installed in any room. With its naturally oiled surface, it is durable when cared for regularly and is extremely easy to repair. Contrary to popular belief, parquet can also be installed in the kitchen and even in the bathroom by observing a few rules.

Design floors are the right choice for those looking for something more affordable and especially easy to maintain. Home builders and renovators should, however, make sure that the floor is free of PVC and softeners. Otherwise: hands off! 

The laminate floor is a really robust fellow. It’s not so keen on moisture, but otherwise gives the cold shoulder to the strains of everyday life.

 The range of options for floor covering is enormous. Following the obligatory research on the web, your best move is to head directly to your local dealer. After all, floors are a big investment – and a sensible one.

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