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Musterhaus Ambienti+ – a plus in architecture, design and energy. Organic forms, emotional designs, energy self-sufficiency and advanced technology are the key features characterising the Vitalhaus Ambienti+ developed by the German timber house construction company Regnauer Hausbau. The design: Contemporary, with overhanging top storey and large picture window. The effect: Extravagant through organic forms. The technology: Future-oriented thanks to the “plus energy” approach, and equipped with a cutting-edge building automation system combining monitoring, management, control and optimisation functionality. The house also provides many inspirations and ideas for modern living: versatile space utilisation concepts allow flexible adaptation to changing requirements.

Sleek and smooth 

In times of sensory overload, families want their homes to be a place to relax and unwind. The new house is modelled on the straight, clean-cut lines of the famous German Bauhaus style of the 1920s and combines them with organic forms. The result is an avantgardistic look that focuses on the essential: clean lines – yes; cool reserve – no.

New room concept

The new house turns the traditional principles of space utilisation on different storeys upside down. Designed as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of family life, the top floor houses the bedrooms as well as the living room with the big picture window. A spacious roof-top terrace, a spa bathroom, an indoor fountain and a Yoga corner provide a haven of peace and tranquillity. The ground floor is designed as an ideal hub for family life and offers plenty of reception space for family and friends. Besides an open plan kitchen and dining area, it features a spare bedroom and a study.

Light, airy and transparent

For Ambienti+ this means: clear design language, light and airy ambience, subtle, skilfully integrated details. Flush-mounted frameless windows and doors, floor-to-ceiling interior sliding doors and the base colour white create a transparent, spacious effect. The stairs seem to be floating in the air, flanked by a glass wall. In addition to several snugs around the house, there is a fireplace with glass panes integrated in the wall of the parents‘ bedroom. The flush-mounted lighting is concealed in the ceiling. The two bathrooms have gently rounded transitions between the wall and the floor. Materials like wood, glass and stainless steel set the tone. Light and airy, yet down to earth: Plank flooring in trendy oak wood with a rustic look and natural oil finish is installed throughout the house, even on the stairs. The wood floor creates a warm contrast to the white walls and the glass and stainless steel elements.

Plus energy house

The new house is also forward-looking with respect to the energy strategy: The high-performance building envelope with wood fibre insulation meets the requirements for ultra-low energy houses. The building is thus also easy to convert to a plus energy house. ‚Plus‘ stands for additional energy produced by solar panels on the low-pitched roof. The generated energy can also be used for the e-car charging station integrated in an exterior wall. Regnauer’s ‚Vitalwand‘ wall design not only guarantees compliance with the strict passive house standard, which ensures energy self-sufficiency but also achieves a healthy and balanced indoor climate. The HVAC system is based on an air-to-water heat pump with integrated cooling via the underfloor heating system as well as an air conditioning system with heat and moisture recovery. The ceilings are made of Regnauer’s ‚Silence‘ ceiling slabs for which Regnauer won the German Innovation Award for their audibly comfortable building solutions.

Cutting-edge building automation 

The entire building automation system is designed for maximum ease of use and can be comfortably remote-controlled by smartphone (Apple/Android) or PC. Technical problems are automatically reported by text message or email. In addition to controlling the blinds, lighting and heating, the building automation system also includes the entertainment electronics. The star topology for connecting computers and other electronic devices ensures that use of the data networks is radiation-free.

6 Most importantly: It has to shine!

Stainless steel kitchens are nothing new – they have had their regular place in restaurants for decades. After all, there is hardly a material that is as hygienic and durable. In private homes, they are seen more frequently, for example staged as futuristic kitchen islands, placed on concrete floors and with a minimal use of forms. Combined with a natural parquet floor, stainless steel or aluminium get a softer touch. The contrast of materials can also be used for details, for example when the interior of the kitchen cabinets is made of aluminium, and big wooden cutting boards as well as wooden cooking spoons are placed on the cupboards… You are not a fan of the anthracite/silver-coloured gloss of stainless steel and aluminium? Then there is more good news: bronze is finding its way into kitchen design! Examples of this can be found in the „Pure“ kitchens of Siematic or the kitchens of Reform Design.

7 Marble, stone and more

Marble had almost disappeared from the world of design, but now the beautiful stone has made a comeback. Small accessories are preferably made from Carrara marble, just like luminaire feet and even entire kitchen lines (for example by Piet Boon). Kitchen worktops are increasingly being made out of marble with its intricate grain. However, as it is not the most resistant stone of its kind, other hard rocks and natural stone alternatives such as Composite or Dekton are used more and more. The main thing is that the grain is as pronounced as that of their role model, because this new trend is all about the surfaces: they should enchant and be the envy of every work of art.

8 Wood conquers the kitchen floor

Since the walls between kitchens and living rooms have disappeared, the homely character of a kitchen is more important than ever. All the furnishings of a kitchen need to find the balance between comfort and functionality, whether it is a cooking island or a kettle. However, this is not the case with the floor design. Contrary to common opinion, a parquet floor can be installed easily in the kitchen and is unbeatable when it comes to comfort. If you want a floor that is even easier to maintain, you should choose a design floor with wood optic. These are now available without plasticisers and in a water-resistant version such as DISANO Classic Aqua. So even when you throw the wildest party, a modern floor can still spread its homely charm.

9 Ever so green

The trend towards indoor plants does not stop at the kitchen, and so it resembles a greenhouse here and there. You can find herbs as well as winter spinach being grown, and radish and cress love the mild temperatures around the domestic stove, too. In nicely designed cultivation stations (for example from Ikea or Design House Stockholm) they make even more of an impact and give each dish that special something.

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